What Would You Pay? Stud Shoes

Be sure to check out last week's boudoir inspired dress. You would pay around $80 for it. See how much it really cost.

Stud shoes are everywhere lately. This one's have the current look of studs without the kind that will break skin or tear tights like some of the studs/spikes I've seen recently. They also have a more subtle look so you'll be able to wear them even after the trend dies down.

I have trouble with tend shoes because I won't wear cheap, uncomfortable shoes. If I love a trend I seek out a pair of quality shoes like these, which are made of nappa leather. Then, I watch for the sale prices. I've nabbed gold booties and gladiator sandals this way. Perhaps, these stud shoes will be the same story. The shoes have a 4 1/2 inch heel with a 3/4 inch hidden platform.

Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where these are from and how much they costs. If you know where these are from, DON'T tell everyone and spoil the fun. The actual cost will skew everyone's answers. Until then, what would you pay for these shoes?

Update: These are the Trinity Studded Pumps by Dolce Vita. They cost around $200 - $215, depending on where you buy them, but shopbop has been on sale for $150.50


Fanya said…
hmm...I'd pay ~$40, which is the sales price of leather/suede shoes I've gotten from Amazon.

However, I will not buy/wear them. Why? I once had a pair of 4.5in heels with 1in platform. I slipped when going down the stair, landed and slided down half of the stair on my shin before falling face first to the bottom of the stairs.

After that, I set a rule for myself, never ever buy shoes where heel without platform is greater than 3in AND if the thickness of the heel in contact with the floor is smaller than my thumb nail.
Jael Paris said…
I'm with Fanya on this one. They're too high for me to even think about. If they were a 3 inch heel with a thicker heel, I'd pay $50, perfectly reasonable for a shoe sale.
Elizabeth said…
No thanks for me either. I will guess they cost $80 though.
becca said…
I have a large foot so the incline of a super high heal isn't as bad for me. My limit is a 4" incline. Since there is a platform to help out, these are 3.75" and well within my limits.

If I get a job where these would be acceptable in the office, I'd pay up to $60 for them. Otherwise, I'd wait for them to be reduced to $40.
rachel said…
These are too high for me too. I'm already 6 ft, so when I wear heels, it's mostly just to look nice, not to be taller. If they were shorter and the heel were thicker, I'd pay $50.
I actually recently dabbled in making some studded heels myself, solely to get a pair on a budget.
I really am a fan of this trend though! In a store depending on quality of shoe of course, I'd say between 40 -50 dollars.
Someone said…
Here's some from F21 - a cheap thrill at $26.


These heels are a completely unnecessary 5" high - and no platforms!

(...anybody else tired of all the stripper shoes? Once in a while, ok...but this has not been a trend I love, and especially not on my size 5.5 to 6 feet. Such ridiculously impractical heel heights look wrong on me and are out of proportion with my non-tall height too.

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