What Would You Pay? Striped Blazer

Be sure to check out last week's Stud Shoes. Most of you said you would pay around $40 to $50 dollars. See how much they really cost.

A bold jacket is the kind of statement piece that makes an excellent investment. This sort of jacket will mix well with wardrobe basics to make them more interesting. The jacket is made of acrylic with polyester lining and is dry clean only. What would you pay for this bold statement piece?

Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where this is from and how much it costs. If you know where this is from, DON'T tell everyone and spoil the fun. The actual cost will skew everyone's answers. Until then, what would you pay for this jacket?

Update: This blazer is from ASOS and costs $106.51


Jael Paris said…
The shoes? Bloomingdale's has them on clearance too. http://bit.ly/aanYTf
rachel said…
I'm guessing the blazer is probably in the $80-120 range. Not really my style, but if I saw it at goodwill for $5...
Fanya said…
Polyester and acrylic and must be dry cleaned??? that's like saying McDonald burger must be served on a silver platter

The design is nice, and the boyfriend blazer is in. But the stripes/patterns made it seem bigger and more shapeless than it really is.

Also, that color made it look somewhat washed out. And the pattern reminds me of lawn chairs...$30 at most if it's another pattern/color.
Elizabeth said…
I like it, but I would only pay $30-$40 dollars for it. It's not something I could readily wear with what I have in my closet (or it would take some creativity).
Jael Paris said…
I'd pay $50 because I love a good blazer. If it were a great material like wool or linen, I'd pay more.

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