What Would You Pay? Button Earrings

Be sure to check out last week's cable stitch tights. Most of you said you'd pay $10 to $30 for them. Check out how much they really cost.

This week, we want to know what you would pay for these button earrings. They remind me of Coraline, but with these you don't have to have your eyes taken out and replaced with button eyes. Plus, who doesn't love a few more buttons in their look.

These are stainless steal with a rose gold-look finish (no real gold). The button holes are made of Swarovski crystals. Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where these are from and how much they cost. If you know where this is from, DON'T tell everyone and spoil the fun. The actual cost will skew everyone's answers. Until then, what would you pay for these cute button earrings?

Update: These earrings are by Kamsmak and available at YesStyle for $25.


Fanya said…
Those are sooo cute!

I would pay up to $20 for them. They make me want to get my ears pierced.

Yes I know, how is it I don't have my ears pierced? cuz I'm a lazy scaredy cat
rachel said…
I probably wouldn't buy these unless they were super cheap at goodwill or a yard sale. I'm thinking $2 or less. Even $2 is stretching it for me. If they didn't have the crystals in them, I'd pay $10, in case you were wondering. I'm not much of a bling kind of girl.
Kimberly said…
These are pretty cute, but it not being real gold, and having crystals. I think the most I would pay would be around the $20 range. I just don't know if I would personally want them in my collection.
Elizabeth said…
I would probably only pay about 5 dollars. They don't do much for me. Fanya, I had my ears pierced twice, and both times they closed up from getting infected, so I also don't have them anymore.
Jael Paris said…
I like that they're a pinking metallic, and that they wouldn't catch my hair like other studs. Most studs I wouldn't pay more than $10 for, but these would be a cute everyday pair. For that I'd pay $20.
Fanya said…

The thought JUST occur to me, I don't know why I didn't thought of it earlier. They are the straight/pin kind, which means you can also use them as pins and broaches!

Slippery silk scarfs? pin one of the buttons through both ends to make it stay! Other good places: pin cardigans close, decoration for solid color dresses, plain bags and scarfs.

Use it to pin a pretty ribbon as border for lampshade or other border-able objects.

ditch the back and just keep it as a classy/elegant pin for your board.

and I'm not rereading the post because I want them =X

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