Pale Dresses and Skirts For Spring

In uncertain economic times, fashion plays it safe. Expect hourglass silhouettes, long skirts, basic black, and for spring, the trusty pastel. Gotta say, I'm loving pale on pale layering this season. Pick your pieces wisely. Make sure they have a variety of textures, prints and frills to make the look interesting, otherwise you might as well be a member of the 1990's beige brigade.
Top: lace ruffle minidress, Nordstrom $44
grey embellished silk dress, Banana Republic $110
mint taffeta wrap dress, J. Crew $99
Bottom: dusty purple silk batwing dress, Banana Republic $110
grey and green faux two piece dress, Mod Cloth $89.99
blouson sundress, Victoria's Secret $88
Top: blue ribbon mini skirt, Free People $69.95
white sequin mini skirt, Free People $39.95
Bottom: ivory loops miniskirt, ASOS $60.35
romantic style pink skirt, Top Shop $100
pale layers skirt, Mod Cloth $54.99
pink accordion pleat skirt, Urban Outfitters $58 (Also available in black and ivory, Fanya.)

Check back Wednesday for tops and cardigans in the same palette.


Fanya said…
Mmm...I'm feelin' pale green this spring. Altho the 3rd dress, pale green one, look a bit too schoolteacher for me. Pale green makes me want to be a red head, cuz all my redhead friends look stunning in pale green =(.

Free People actually sell things <$100?!?! oh right, it's on super sale.

Thx for the accordian pleat! I knew it! every time I tell myself I don't need clothe and am not going to go on UO, they come out with something I just crave.'s fun, girly, romantic...

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