New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Suno
What it made us think of: Tribal gone mod for the confident and playful woman
What we liked: Bright prints, colorful shoes, playful shapes and proportions
What we didn't: It ended too soon.
Who: Bensoni
What it made us think of: The good parts reminded me of unique vintage and thrift store finds mixed with quality, investment pieces. What was good was really good, what was boring was really boring.
What we liked: Prints, color, shapes, tailoring, coats, ruffles
What we didn't: The ruched, one-shoulder dresses were repetitive and should have been replaced by items that played off the prints and structured pieces.
Who: Temperley London
What it made us think of: A thoroughly British pop/rock starlet
What we liked: Studs, stripes, leather, prints, suits, shoulders,
What we didn't:
Who: Betsey Johnson
What it made us think of: Neon brothels in the Wild Wild West
What we liked: The McQueen Tribute, the hot pink, the black and white pieces, longer hemlines, the fun, the overall Betsey-ness of everything
What we didn't: The long johns, not knowing where to look (more than usual)
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Unknown said…
Gorgeous! Love those dresses

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