New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Rebecca Taylor
What it made us think of: Less isn't always more, sometime it's just less
What we liked: Soft colors, thigh high boots, billowy pants
What we didn't: The too basic clothes, the repetition, the boredom
Who: Anna Sui
What it made us think of: Arts and crafts gone surprisingly modern
What we liked: Mixed prints, ladylike details, patterned tights, orange/red/pink combination, the shoes
What we didn't: Nothing
Who: Peter Som
What it made us think of: Tripping through the plethora of prints that might have been seen at Woodstock.
What we liked: Mixed printings, bright color prints, super pretty prints, the return of long long skirts, color, seventies silhouettes
What we didn't: Some pieces just feel out of place, overdone or jumbled.
Who: Charlotte Ronson
What it made us think of: Taking up the gypsy lifestyle (even in the winter) and making a pilgrimage in search of inner peace and effortless style.
What we liked: The military stylings, the occasional tailor piece to offset the flowing seventies styles, the seventies style, plus size models, pants loose through hip and thigh, the shoes
What we didn't: Some awkward sheer pieces, a little too much velvet and crushed velvet (which will look super cheap when Forever 21 copies it)
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Fanya said…
LOVE the grey suit in Rebecca Taylor. I would totally wear it to work.

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