New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Alexander Wang
What it made us think of: Calvin Klein circa 1997, The Matrix
What we liked: Playful menswear, tail coats, pinstripes, lush velvet, thigh-high socks, a convertible leather trench,
What we didn't: The collection was, at times, overwhelmingly 90s. Can Wang design for anyone larger than a size 2?
Who: Doo.Ri
What it made us think of: Agate crystals and other natural beauties
What we liked: Coats! Coats! Coats! VMA-crowd cocktail frocks. Doo.Ri gets better each year.
What we didn't: A few of the casual looks looked sloppy.Who: 3.1 Philip Lim
What it made us think of: 70s school teachers get a modern update.
What we liked: Winter shorts, thick wools (that you can mimic with a trip to Goodwill and minor sewing skills), gold trim, gold pants, SHOES!!!
What we didn't: Some of the silhouettes were wide and unflattering. Spotty suits, winter short shorts, whatever this is.Who: Proenza Schouler
What it made us think of: Nothing, because there was no uniting vision here. Yes, I said it. (And that's why I'm not one of the cool kids.)
What we liked: pleats, leather, the shoes
What we didn't: zombie pants, the 90s, babydoll dresses, the shoes (clearly I'm torn here).

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Fanya said…
hmm...I love the first look of 3.1 Philip Lim. Take off the jacket and I would love to wear the breezy gold pants and the ruffled shirt.

I agree about the Proenza Schouler shoes. They look fab and actually comfortable. However, without examine the quality and to not fashion oriented people, I can see people taking it as cheap, weird, and stuff punks and silly teenagers wear...

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