New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Vera Wang
What it made us think of: With a designer this iconic, it's hard to think of anything but Vera Wang
What we liked: The new interest in tailoring, the jackets, the signature black tights, the paper bag waist pants, the structured draping
What we didn't: The see-through tulle skirts, the shiny fur-like stuff, the lack of color, the complete lack of prints(!)
Who: Jill Stuart
What it made us think of: Trendy starlets wearing trendy clothes
What we liked: Playfulness with prints, military coats and jackets, big shoulders, lace-up over-the-knee boots
What we didn't: Oversized jumpsuits and rompers, big fuzzy shoulders
Who: Diane von Furstenberg
What it made us think of: A new wave of women's liberation that is both strong and distinctly, unapologetically feminine (The Queen of Prints and Wrap Dresses gets edgy)
What we liked: Prints, jackets, new found love of tailoring, shiny
What we didn't: Some of the tailored pieces were boxy, and some of the shiny was too shiny, but I feel like I'm just reaching for things here.
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