New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Delaying our fashion week coverage has certainly made trends clearer. These shows were reviewed on separate days, but a pattern came to the fore: gothy goth goth gothy, black leathers and gothy gothness.

Who: Jen Kao
What it made us think of: A goth rock concert on the moon.
What we liked: Cage and harness lines, strong shoulders, burgundy, clean lines that weren't boring.Who: Malandrino
What it made us think of: Chic goth neanderthals
What we liked: textured leathers, cool animal prints, dolman sleeves
What we didn't: Most of the blue looks felt out of place.
Who: Altuzarra
What it made us think of: Anita Blake vampire hunter with a better wardrobe. (And oh, does she need it.)
What we liked: bondage belts, hair, capes, leather, drama!
What we didn't: Liked the show, but I'm so sick of vampires. At this point, if I saw a vampire, I'd punch it in the face. If it sparkled, I'd set it on fire.

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