Etsy Shop of the Week: Giia

Shop: Giia

Why We Love It: What's not to love about colorful and sculptural neck pieces?

Price Range: $30 to $165

Favorite Items: Organic Cell Statement Necklace $105; Armie Stone Shoulder Statement Neckwear $138; 3 Colour Graphic Statement Collar Neckpiece $80; Organic V Bib Statement Necklace $90; Adriatic Wave Statement Neckpiece $165; Lucia Slice Statement Necklace $75; Roma Roll Scarf $70; Wien Hex Bib Statement Necklace $65; Mare Roll Statement Necklace $58; Ice Hex Bib Statement Necklace $85 (pictured)


annek said…
this necklace (and the shop) is amazing. thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
a very stunning necklace! it would look incredible with a simple lbd :)

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