Editor's Pick of the Week: Gap Curvy Jeans

I've tried writing a poem. I've belted out a few impromptu songs. I did a happy dance in the dressing room and every time I've put them on since. These jeans are beyond just words. These are my jeans. These jeans are comfortable. They don't tug, pinch, ride up or down. They don't give a me a muffin top or show off my panties when I bend over. These are happy jeans.

The Gap curvy fit jeans have ended my year and a half search for a pair of jeans that actually fit. I was willing to settle for anything close, but no dice. Every pair of jeans seems to be labeled "slim through the hip and thigh," which is great if you happen to be one of those women. I, however, am rocking a full on hourglass figure with plenty of hips and thighs. Even the so called "curvy" or "sexy" jeans I've tried on couldn't be pulled over my thighs if they were the correct size for my waist. These curvy fit jeans fit. And they come in a nice medium wash and a dark wash with no tears or weird fading. Does anyone else hear a chorus of angels singing?

They are a little beyond my budget right now at $60 - $70 (thanks for the Christmas present, Mom!), but they are well worth it and really a reasonable price for jeans. If you aren't a curvy girl, try the other Gap fits. I've heard good things about them. Sadly, these only come in boot cut. I'd like a curvy skinny/fitted leg jean. Yes, curvy girls can wear skinny jeans and look amazing. I've done it! Are you listening, Gap?

If you are, thank you for making jeans that fit my curves. Please never change them. Please!


Lee said…
There is a new brand of jeans that are absolutely fabulous for curvy shaped women of all sizes. The brand is Little in the Middle, and this jeans line caters to all sizes of women that have a curvy shape. One of the most interesting thing that it does; is that it is sized one size smaller in the waist than in the hips, so it eliminates that awful gap in the back of your jeans that let your rear end hang out while seated while offering a great fit.

Vicki said…
They make what you're looking for! Look for the Real Straight cut instead of the Curvy. They fit exactly the same except they have a straight leg opening instead of boot cut. I tried both on just two days ago and left with a pair of Real Straight. They fit SO WELL. Feel too comfortable to look as good as they do. And as a bonus, they don't stretch out in the waist, forcing me to tug them up every ten steps! They actually FIT. They're amazing, and next pay day, I'll be buying another pair in a different wash.
Anonymous said…
i'm So glad they are back! gap stopped making them for a while :)!
Leila Silva said…
Buy jeans is a science really. Is amazing when we find one jeans that fits well in all our shapes, isn't it?

Leila Silva
Kimberly said…
I need to get these jeans!
SarahV said…
They make them in skinnies now!

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