What Would You Pay? Print Hat

Be sure to check out last week's layer dress. Those of you who didn't hate it said you'd pay $40 to $70 for it, but guessed it really cost around $150. See how much it really cost.

This week I found a unique print hat with a satin bow and double quills embellishing it. It comes in black paisley brocade with a black satin bow and brown (they call it pecan) paisley brocade with a beige satin bow. The hate is made of polyester and lined with satin acetate. It also has a satin sweatband. It comes in one size, which fits up to a hat size 7 1/4, and has a triple layer custom fit drawstring lining. This isn't your typical hat from Target. It has adjustable fit and higher quality consturction.

Next Tuesday I will announce on Twitter and Facebook (as well as in this post) where this is from and how much it costs. If you know where this is from, DON'T tell everyone and spoil the fun. The actual cost will skew everyone's answers. Until then, what would you pay for this hat?

Update: This hat is from Village Hat Shop and costs $130.


rachel said…
This hat is amazing!! Love, love, love! I think the better question is "What wouldn't I pay?" If this were in a store, and I tried it on and liked how I looked, I'd probably look at the price tag, put it down, walk away, and then come back the next day and the next for probably two weeks. Finally I would either give in, or lament that the hat was sold the day before I decided to buy it. I'm not sure what my price limit would be, though it is satin, not silk... I don't think I'd pay more than $100, but it's probably more because I like it so much.
Elizabeth said…
I like it, but I'm not really a hat person, so I vote $35 to pay for it.

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