Pick Of The Week: Statement Coat

You're intrigued by her. That girl* you've seen at the coffee shop. She's a little shy but friendly. Heavy bangs. Vintage flats. You like to pretend her name is Etta and that she plays cello. You are fairly certain she is the coolest person you've never met and that, being pretty cool yourself, you'd make great friends. You noticed her because of her coat. The easiest and generally cheapest thing to buy in the winter is a black wool coat, but hers is bright and has an actual shape. It has personality, so the wearer must too. But if Etta turns out to be named Brittany and can't complete a sentence without using a texting abbreviation, you can still get a statement coat without enduring a shopping trip with Brittany and her cell. Fan Plus Friend, a cosplay/lolita shop, is selling a heavy wool coat in 7 different colors for $150. The shop even takes custom sizes. The gold buttons, wide collar, and full skirt are smarter than Brittany anyway.

*Etta is ripped from a true college story.


Fanya said…
ohhh nice post!

I have a jacket like that except it's bell-sleeved, black with black button. Hmm...you've motivated me to buy bunch of bright buttons and sew them on the collar and....
Elizabeth said…
When you wear a low collar coat like that, you have to keep in mind what you wear under it, or find yourself a cute scarf. Scarf kinda blocks out the dramatic collar statement though. Then there's the bottoms and shoes to consider too! Please do a follow-up post about what you would wear under it, I think that would help persuade me :)
Jael Paris said…
I'll take you up on that! If I don't get to it soon, send me a reminder. I've been spacey lately. :-)

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