Stone Jewelry

When I was a kid, I had a thin slab of dyed agate. Its varying lines and textures were strikingly beautiful and complicated. Lately jewelry of raw natural crystals and polished stones has been trickling into stores.
Kimberly McDonald makes breath-taking jewelry of geodes surrounded with diamonds. Can't afford it. This season Yves Saint Laurent has been exploring a similar idea, but it's still out of range (especially considering that these designs don't have any diamonds). Since this trend is an 80s throwback, there are already plenty of less pricey options.Clockwise: stone stretch bracelets, Norstrom $35
grey stone ring, Anthropologie $148
green slab bracelet, Viktoria Hayman at Bluefly $159.99
mixed stones long necklace, A.V. Max on Bluefly $76
Clockwise: quartz cuff, Anthropologie $168
blue quartz bangle, Max & Cleo $98
agate stands necklace, Urban Outfitters $28
raw crystal ring, Urban Outfitters $18
graduated teardrop necklace, Nordstrom $98


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