The Horror: Stylish Decay

Acid wash, tie dye skinny jeans would remind some of 80s hair bands. That's terrifying enough (especially if you were a misguided teen in the 80s). I, however, am reminded of the rotting, marred flesh of a zombie. So don't wear these or you may get a shovel to the head.


WickedThrifty said…
awful! just awful. hate acid wash so much. i saw a similar pair of leggings on regretsy recently and then they were on the front page of etsy. why, why, why?
Fanya said…
lol. My first thought: "oh great! if there are people wearing these, then that means I can bleach the crap out of my old stained jeans and wear them again! I don't have to buy new jeans!"

second thought:nahhh
Sarah Dee said…
personally I hate almost everything 80s... and 90s.... fashion wise i think they were two very misguided decades

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