FMF Reader Poll: Shaving Legs

Are you ready for a little over sharing? It's winter, which means my legs are perpetually covered by opaque tights, pants, boots and jeans. My legs will reappear in late March or early April. Mostly, this means I can get a little lazy when it comes to shaving my legs. This isn't to say I go the whole winter without, but I do spend a little less time with my razor. I don't see the point in wasting extra time and shaving gel if my legs are essentially in hibernation. Have you stopped shaving (or shaving as much) for the winter?


Sam said…
I have to shave my legs! I cannot stand the feeling of prickly leg hair- it freaks me out haha x
Elizabeth said…
I'm blonde so I can get away with shaving once a week no matter the time of year. I usually stay with that, otherwise my legs get bumpy with knee socks and tights.
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