Etsy Shop of the Week: juhaszdora

Shop: juhaszdora

Why We Love It: I'm a sucker for colorful leather goods like these, especially the gloves. Plus, we're almost to that time of year when you won't be able to buy gloves in a store even though there are months of cold left (this is the time of year I usually lose a glove too). It's great to have shops like juhaszdora where you can not only get new gloves, but stylish ones.

Price Range: $10 to $100

More Info: In addition to colorful gloves, juhaszdora offers wallets and headband. The seller is also open to custom orders and custom color combinations.

Favorite Items: lined leather gloves with bows $100 (pictured); leather gloves with back contrast $100; leather gloves with wrist contrast $100


Jael Paris said…
Those are kind of pricey, but I also know several women who want custom gloves for their larger hands.

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