Artistic Inspiration: Georgia O'Keeffe

The most obvious reference to Georgia O'Keeffe's work would be to wear large floral prints. While she painted flowers frequently, the overall feeling was generally strong and bold. Wear your print without a hint of twee.
But the artist's work certainly had a soft side. Yellow Cactus Flower has creamy, undulating petals which makes me think of layers of pastel ruffles to the point of excess.
O'Keeffe routinely painted desert scenes, finding beauty and feminine imagery in a land many would consider barren and harsh. An outfit in this style would blend tough material like leather, stone and horn with soft fabrics in a natural palette. Like a flower in the desert, add touches of color here and there.
Mule Deer Skull and Flowers inspired this cowboy influenced look. And, hey, flowers again!


Alison said…
Great pairings I love them all, but the Desert Flower with leather skirt really speaks to me. Gorgeous!
Jael Paris said…
That one is my favorite too! I wish I could afford those bracelets. Perhaps I'll do a post about imitation horn jewelry.
Melissa said…
The desert look is really inspired. Great choices all around the board, though. I love this feature!
becca said…
I love this. I also love that you didn't just default to huge florals for this. It's gorgeous.
Unknown said…
I love *all* your takes on this!

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