Vintage Evening Bags

I'm up in the air about vintage bags. I love a kiss lock frame as much as the next girl, but they don't provide the organization a modern girl needs. Clutches, however, don't need extra pockets and flaps. There's something about vintage clutches that has an extra bit of elegance.Topish: white bead clutch, Suzi's Corner Boutique $25
antique green bead bag, Jeepers Keeps $165
classic foldover clutch, Oh Sandra $12.99
Middle area: red velvet bow clutch, Pony Feather Vintage $20
grey beaded clutch, Liriashop $28
tortoise box bag, Stiletto Ranch $35
Toward the bottom: rhinestone clutch, Bad Girl Vintage $100
red croc clutch, Jewelry Box Treasures $19
gold scrolled wallet, Jenny Elkins $12


Isn't this bag in the first picture, little bit resembles a doormat..?

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