Metallic Shoes

Over a couple of fabulous martinis, becca and I were discussing how many people comment on our metallic shoes. (She has some gold heeled Frye booties and I have low heeled oxfords.) It's like they've never thought of gold or silver as belonging anywhere but on jewelry or a New Year's Eve dress. Not only do they snazz up an everyday jeans and tunic, but they can be used as party shoes too. (Yes, I would wear my oxfords to a party. I'm funky like that.) As you can see from my laments of craving below, metallics are my perfect shoe color.Top: silver cutout wedge, Jeffrey Campbell at Urban Outfitters $128 (Want!)
disc flat, Enzo Angiolini "Zella" on Endless $88.95
gold pump, Shellys of London at Mod Cloth $94.99
Bottom: pewter unicorn heels, Jeffrey Campbell "Michelle" at Nordstrom $119.95 (Still want!)
silver point toe flat, Cindy Says "Chill" on Endless $124.93 (Want!)
silver twist sandals copied from McQueen, N.Y.L.A. "Stern" on Endless $104.95
Top: faux oxford, Anthropologie $140
dark silver stud toe flat, DV by Dolce Vita "Dina" on Endless $76.95
Bottom: gold slouch bootie, Irregular Choice "Amazing Grace" on Endless $112.09
bronze studded sandal, Jessica Simpson "Josephine" on Endless $128.95
silver pump with purple heel, Fergie "Amplify" on Piperlime $69.99 (Also want!)


LyddieGal said…
I so want the cutout wedge and the silver and purple pump!
Alison said…
That's a great selection of metallics! I have bronze sandles, gold flats and silver knee high boots (which I've having trouble styling). Metallics are such great neutrals.
JiaoJiao said…
Love the heels of the two pumps in the first image! The beauty's in the details. I wish they make more shoes with detailed beautiful heels instead of neglecting them...Have you noticed? most rip-off of designer shoes have similar design but scrap the detailed heels for generic ones?

possibly a dare/challenge: find gorgeous wearable shoes with beautiful, unique heels. possibly like this one:
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I wish they make more shoes with detailed beautiful heels instead of neglecting them.
David Burner said…
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