Launch My Line: Focus On Fashion

Since the show refuses to focus of the reason we're all watching--fashion--I will do that for them. Last night, I watched Launch My Line's opening challenge announcement and the fashion show and "judging" portion. The designers were challenged to great a look that fit within their line's vision inspired by the animal who's food they had in their picnic basket. (Dear producers, thank you for not making us watch Patrick feed mice to a snake! Feeding the toucan would have been fun though). The look also had to be one piece, but not a dress. Welcome to animal print jumpsuit week.

I'm going to ignore the safe looks because they were boring. The best look of the week were Marilyn and Kathy.

Marilyn has never been anywhere but the top two. She is consistently fabulous in spite of her whiny, slow expert. She had great ideas, great taste and actually made a jumpsuit I would consider trying on. The classy, one shoulder look was trendy and made the tarantula inspiration work as much as any outfit could. But, alas, the Judges don't want to give Marilyn two wins quite yet. They used the rose hat that was meant to mimic the tarantula's back as an excuse to say something bad about her look.
Which means, Kathy took the win. It's a well constructed jumpsuit. The back is drapy and pretty. The zebra belt is there because of her zebra inspiration, but at least she didn't make the whole thing out of zebra. It's nice, but a bit dull for a winning look.
Vanessa stepped right into her normal bottom three spot. This week was her best look yet. I actually liked the bubble romper idea. It could be super cute. This one was just OK. She incorporated chinchilla fur (possibly faux fur, not sure, but that was her inspiration animal) around the thighs under the bubble part. The judges hated that. They wanted the fur around the collar or something. She was the first to be announced safe from elimination.

I thought Patrick's look should have gone home. This was really no fault to Patrick because he has crazy volcano boy has his expert. The look was unfinished, slutty, and just yucky. His snake inspiration did not come through at all. (Like the judges said, snakes are long. This is short.) The whole thing was just sad. However, Patrick and Volcano boy are probably what the producers consider good TV (the producers and I do not agree here) so they get to stay for drama's sake.

Kevin's line was dropped. I was really surprised by this. Yes, the draping was a lot on the legs. I would have like to see the calves a little more fitted. But it was beautifully made and a really unique design. The judges liked the top, but not the bottom. They didn't feel his line has been cohesive so far (so stop giving people challenges that don't fit with the vision of their lines, duh). They love the color and light and movement, but said the back was diaper like (I don't think so). I loved the hips. Kevin seemed shocked he was dropped. I don't know why consistently bad or really bad this week didn't go home, other than meddling from the producers.
This is my last Launch My Line post for a while. I don't know what the Holiday schedule will be, but if it's showing over the Holidays I'll be watching claymation specials and baking with my mom. What did you think? Do you want to see my coverage return in the new year? Or would you rather just wait for Project Runway to come back? (Jan. 14th!) And what did you think of tonight's designs? Does anyone else think Marilyn's going to win for sure?


JIM Designs said…
I think Vanessa should have gone home. Who needs fur around the groin? But, she's definitely interesting so I suppose they kept her on for shock value.

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