Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

So your stylish friend loves music? GelaSkins are a great way to make her iPod more expressive. In case you were wondering, the cool headphones from Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video are her own design and cost about $100. A much cheaper option are the crystal decorated retractable earbuds from chicBuds. Best Buy's sold out online, but they're still available in stores. If, like me, she constantly has to remove her gloves to play with her tech, get her these gloves with a removable thumb and forefinger.Is your sister always on her computer? If you can't pull her away because she's a blogger named becca living in Chicago, get her the blogger panties from Think Geek. (Not for your geeky coworker, just someone you're tight with.) She can keep clacking away with a ctrl alt del necklace from Capitolagirl on Etsy.
Is your cousin is crazy in the best sort of way? Just as silly as her, underwear fingerless gloves or a cute bear hat from Hanako Handbags on Etsy.Does your coworker think she's the second coming of Norma Desmond? She most certainly needs a mask to help her get her beauty sleep and a crystal box for her "happy pills". She can spread her vivaciousness with retro pinup magnets. Also chocolate shoes.
Your neighbor's the happy homemaker? Throw out those yucky old cleaning gloves for cute feminine ones (which will look great on the husband when he does the dishes). Make sure she also has an apron nice enough to wear when presenting her fabulous food.
Is your aunt always on the go for business? Make sure she looks sharp with an on-the-go sewing kit. Help her keep her laundry straight in her bag with delicates travel bag from Nanu on Etsy. With all the ducking in and out of buildings in possibly crazy weather, help her stay prepared with a cute purse umbrella from Fred Flare.


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