Save or Splurge: Shipping Costs

I hate paying for shipping. If a website has a corresponding store I would rather drive to a couple locations to find an item rather than pay shipping. I occasionally find amazing deal that I pass by because they cease being at deal when I add on the extravagant shipping price.

This is even worse when I have to order something I am not sure will fit or will be a nice material. This means I may have to return the item, which often means more shipping costs. It takes a lot of convincing, or the perfect item to get me to pay shipping. I will search for free shipping codes. I will buy dollar items if I only need to spend a little more for free shipping (as long as this costs less than the shipping would).

Shipping is a save for me. I hate spending the extra money. Are shipping costs a deal breaker for you? Or do you pay more attention to the item and your desire to have it than the cost of shipping?


Susan said…
I will pay postage IF I can return the item on their dime. I'm not a weird size (usually) so I don't mind buying stuff online.
I'll usually pay about $5 for shipping.
I agree about buying a little more if you get cheaper shipping.
I hate spending the extra money too.
Robin said…
I dislike spending the money, but I will for a hard-to-find or rare thing. I spent a month or two searching for the perfect blue sequin dress, for example, and when I found one at Asos I felt it perfectly reasonable to spend $12 to ship it overseas in time for an event.

I guess for me the save or splurge is based on whether or not it feels justified. A few dollars to ship something from F21 when I live near several locations rubs. A much bigger shipping fee for something obscure that is heavy or needed quickly is no big deal.
Sarah Dee said…
Unfortunately my favorite stores are all online (Modcloth, Ruche) so I have to decide whether or not I want the item bad enough for the shipping price which unfortunately limits how many items I have from each store. I have a question. I recently started my own blog and I was curious if you had any suggestions on how to get the ball rolling! thank you!
Jael Paris said…
Victoria's Secret tried to charge me $20 shipping once. Ha!
LyddieGal said…
I will always search for free shipping codes, or any codes at all to help offset the shipping costs. So many stores will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount and I usually try spend that, even though I sometimes buy stuff I don't need.

If a store also has a nearby B&M location and allows for in store returns I'm much more likely to buy online.

I love shopping online and I hate paying for shipping, so I always find a way around it!
Elizabeth said…
My absolute pet peeve of online shopping is when a site has a physical store as well (Victoria Secret, Delia's) but you can't return online items to the physical store. It's a deal breaker for me most times, because not only do you have to pay the 5+ dollars for shipping it there, you have to pay 5+ dollars to ship it back to them if you don't like it.

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