The Greedy Seagull on Etsy

Shop: The Greedy Seagull on Etsy

What: Ladylike dresses, coats, and other magical things to wear

When: 1950s and 60s

Why: We know you envy Betty Draper's closet.

More info: If you like this shop's quality selection, the same purveyor runs a vintage jewelry shop, Ava Firenze. Read about both at The Greedy Seagull blog.

How much: $100-$200 for dresses, north of that for coats, accessories around $30

Favorites: gold lace dress and jacket set 1960s $98; grey ruched gloves $18; rust orange pillbox hat 60s $28; cream lace cocktail dress 50s $125; beaded cardigan 1950s $60


FashionTouch said…
This sweater is just so beautiful and pleasant to look at
Hello, just found you when I googled myself, thanks for this post!

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