Editor's Pick of the Week: Zip Long Leather Gloves

I was sure when I saw the $48 price tag on these over-the-elbow, zip gloves from Urban Outfitters that they were made of PVC or vinyl. Nope, these are leather!

These are perfect for the following reasons:
  • Leather
  • Zippers
  • Being able to zip them up if they are a snug fit
  • Available in whiskey (pictured) and black
  • Comes in two sizes instead of "one size fits all"
  • Only cost $48!
What's not to love?


Robin said…
When I saw these in Urban a few weeks back I thought, "Those are SO FMF." I meant to mention them to Paris but then utterly forgot. You're right- they totally rock.
JiaoJiao said…
They are not lined, so you can feel the seams on the inside.

If you don't mind, they rock. If you do like me, =(.
becca said…
Thanks for letting us know Chujiao. I haven't had a chance to see them in person. I'd probably wear my thin cloth elbow length gloves under them if that's the case.

Robin, I love that you see things and think they are "SO FMF!" That's awesome!
JiaoJiao said…
@becca. Its what the review for it says on Urban Outfitter. Always read reviews before buying online.

I ended up getting the $16 jersey black long glove. Its not cold enough and I don't go outside enough to justify ~$50 for leather gloves when I can get the style in jersey for $16 at the store.

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