Unexpected Color Combinations

What I Wore Today featured a reader letter a while back about what to wear with a purple cardigan. Kasmira gave wonderful advice while my reaction was a bit more face-palm. I love color, so I constantly forget some people (like my mother-in-law) freeze up when it comes to color. They fear clashing. They fear it doesn't look right on them. They fear being too bright. Honeys, it's okay if people notice you. Wear that purple and red. You like it in a flowerbed, why not on your body? If you feel two colors clash, throw in a third to mediate. Yes, three colors in one outfit; they could be different colors or just different shades of what you have. And take some inspiration from the unusual combinations below. You too can match colors.

Lilac and burnt orange
Neon yellow and dark green
Sky blue and mustard
Hot pink and burgundy
Royal purple and lime
Dark green and hot pink
Mauve and neon yellow
Tomato red and olive


Alison said…
Beautiful! I love the unusual color combos. I'm going to scour my closet to see if I can give these a try! I love color too! But some of these are very new combos for me.
Robin said…
What a badass post. All beautiful sets! I love the sky blue striped dress.
Rachel said…
Love them!

By the way, do you know how difficult it is to find green tights (not online)?! I needed some for Halloween and the only store in the whole mall that had them was Macy's. Ridiculous.
becca said…
I love the royal purple and lime. I've been playing with plum and neon teal recently.

Rachel Le, the only places I've ever seen green tights are Macy's, Marshalls/TJMaxx, and Parisian. I saw them once at Kohls but they were an open weave.
Jael Paris said…
Green is hard to find right now. It seems to be the unloved color of 2009. Pity.
LyddieGal said…
I love the purple and lime! I'm defiantly not someone why shies away from the unexpected color combos.

I think I need to buy that purple origami skirt now.

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