Save or Splurge: Emergency Shopping

We've all been on those shopping trips with an urgent and specific purpose. It could be hunting for a dress to wear to a wedding or even an event you didn't know you were going to. Maybe your only pair of jeans torn while on vacation, or your the heel broke on your shoe when you have a ton of walking to do. Perhaps you have a new dress code at work or school effective tomorrow.

These are the most stressful shopping trips. I hate shopping for an item I need (like pants) let alone an item I need with a deadline, usually a very short deadline. This is how strange pieces of clothing end up in my closet. I have purchased items during these shopping trips that rarely see the light of day again. I try to spend as little as possible since it's such a quick, forced purchase. However, I wonder if spending a bit more might get me an item I would actually wear again.

Do you save or splurge when you have to shop for a wardrobe emergency?


Jael Paris said…
Four short nails? Those are some poorly made shoes.

It depends on the emergency. If I need something for a short period -- a party, vacation -- I save. If it's for work, I spend what I need to get what I want.

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