Rodarte For Target

NY Mag has a sneak peek at Rodarte's Target collection. We like the lacy cardigans, that first print dress, the very Blair Waldorf lace dress. We will be buying (hopefully) the x-ray sequin dress. Don't even get us started on the tack factor of some of the other pieces, which don't seem like Rodarte at all. What do you think?
P. S. Jean Paul Gaultier's Target collection debuts March 7th!


Robin said…
A lot of it seems kind of odd for commercial sale. I really like the animal print/gauzy pink skirt look you posted. I assume it's a dress under there and would really like to see the rest!
Unknown said…
Love the designers for Target collections! Can't wait.
Caitlin said…
Wow! I wonder how well all the stuff will sell. Very cool
rachel said…
I think the lace tights they have are cool, but the bow on the waist band is a bit strange. Methinks it would show through as a funny bump under just about every dress I own.

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