Project Design: Colorful Winter Scarves

Project Design is our own friendly competition where we put together collection of independent designers for you to rate on your very own imaginary runway.

I love lots of color in the winter, but when the perfect winter coat at the perfect price presented itself in black two years ago, I couldn't pass it up in favor of a more colorful coat. This means I rely on colorful accessories to make up for my black coat. This as actually allowed me to switch of colors of my winter look each year just by buying a new scarf, hat and gloves. It's rather fun. Which of these unique and colorful winter scarves would you choose to brighten your cold-weather look?

Deep Purple Necklush by Necklush
Teal Blue Scallop Edged Neckwarmer by beebun
Mustard Spiral Scarf by Trucks & Pearls
Jersey Scarf with Braids by fort & field
Lace Victorian Style Purple Scarf by emma sommerfeld
Flamenco Felt Scarf in Olive Branch by FeltInspired
Royal Blue Cowl Neck Warmer by DayliteAndDark


Alison said…
I'm partial to the teal one and the spiral yellow one. I made those for family for last Christmas and they love them. I need to make them for me now.

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