FMF Reader Poll: The Perfect Boot

Boot season is coming (or here depending on your location). I love boots. I wish I owned more boots, but they're tricky to shop for. There are too many factors so I struggle to find that perfect pair of boots. When I'm shopping, I notice that the heel is too low or too boxy or the calf is too skinny or they're suede (which I love but always ruin in the wet, icky winter weather). Since good boots aren't cheap, they have to be nearly perfect to be worth the money. If I constructed my perfect boots they would look a lot like these Proenza Schouler boots (which cost a terrifying $1,439 eek!). What elements would your perfect boot have? (Pick as many options as you like).


JiaoJiao said…
-leather outer, waterproofed.
-suede lining.
-rubber heels that doesn't get worn down in 3 hrs. And TRACTION!
-fold/cuffed to be ankle boots or unfold to be knee high.
-2in chunky heels (high enough to be sexy, but still walkable).
-adjustable calf (lace up or buckle)
-round or almond toed.
-side zipped so the boots can be form-fitting.
- under $100 =X
Alison said…
Great questions. I love me a great boot too. I like high heels, but like it to be about 2 1/2 to 3" with a lug or thicker rubber sole. I also prefer a zipper so they fit nicely. I have 15 1/2" calves so a moderately larger calf is a must. In my ideal world I'd be able to have a pair in a dark green and a pair in gray. But, will hopefully be looking for a dark brown pair this winter. Cost wise, I like to keep it at about $150 or less. Makes it really hard to find a pair of Fryes, I love them.
Someone said…
Oh I don't know...I've purchased some great boots at VERY affordable prices (on sale from 40% to 75% off). I've started building my collection in earnest this year with a variety of colors, textures, heels, and styles (bought 3 pairs in the last month - brown suede & leather with brass, gray leather, and purple faux suede). This is largely because I want my favorite black pair from 2 years ago to last longer with others to switch to.

It is much harder, I think, to try finding the One Perfect Boot - just like shoes, having choices makes sense. That said, a simple black leather boot with or without understated hardware and a walkable medium heel is probably the place to start, and then branch out from there.

(Purple! Boots! :D)
Vicki said…
I want zippers! I love my favorite gray suede boots but if they had a zipper so I didn't have to struggle to get 'em on, I'd be a lot happier.

Oh, also, put some tread on those boots, designers. Slick bottoms aren't a good choice, ever. EVER.

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