Editor's Pick of the Week: Blowfish 'Humvee' Boot

I love a high heel boot, but some winter days in the Midwest require flat boots. There is no reason to wear ugly flats, when Blowfish makes these cute, military inspired boots. I have a pair of Blowfish boots from several seasons ago, they've served me well in the winter months. These look even warmer than my boots with a thicker sole.

Zappos has the boots on sale for $69.90 in the grey pictured here. If you want them in Natural, Zappos offers a little less of a sale at $75.51. Delia's has them in grey (pictured), black and brown for $89.50. All of these stores only carry up to a size 10. Barefoot Tess has the grey and black in sizes 11 to 15 for $89. (I heart Barefoot Tess!)


Alison said…
Darn it... I almost bought these boots. They are so cute, but after trying 3 pairs of boots I gave up on finding gray boots and went with black oxfords. Now those boots are less than I paid for the oxfords. Oh-well. Maybe the end of the season I'll have some money to spend again and resume my search for gray boots.

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