Save or Splurge: Payless Designer Lines

Payless has several designers creating runway looks at budget prices. If you want shoes and handbags by Christian Siriano, Lela Rose, alice + olivia, or Abeate or can get them at Payless for under $50. The price points are a slightly higher than typical Payless prices and the design is way better. The quality and comfort, however, haven't received that much of an upgrade.

For most trendy items I don't mind buying cheap. I also don't mind attaining my favorite designer's clothing through diffusion lines at budget stores. I do mind uncomfortable shoes. Some of these Payless shoes are actually leather and not too uncomforatle, but others will leave me in pain after a couple hours of wear. If I found a pair of these designer Payless deals that didn't hurt my feet I might "splurge" (it's a splurge to pay that much for low quality shoes).

I guess I'll have to take a trip to Payless to decide if these alice + olivia Biker Boots are worth the $50. (They are partially leather).

Would you save or money or splurge on Payless designer collections?


kylsie said…
I'm expecting my Siriano booties to hurt as much as all the other Payless shoes I've tried. If so, I'll return them. But I've got my fingers crossed. They are just too cool not to try.
Rachel said…
I might buy them if they're leather. I've been really picky about shoes lately because I've wasted way too much money on cheap shoes.

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