Save or Splurge: Lipstick

I don't know much about lipstick. All I know is that every color eventually turns pink on my rather rosy lips. I tried wearing a expensive red lipstick sample that was given to me. I believe it retails for around $18. It looked great when I put it on, but a few hours later it looks neon pink rather than ruby red. Same thing happens with my Covergirl lipstick (except for the shade I have that is essentially a shimmery version of my natural lip color).

I guess this means splurging must not make a difference. Yes, many of the pricey lipsticks I've tried are creamier and wear a few hours longer, but the difference isn't usually worth the $10 to $20 price difference.

Do you save or splurge on lipstick? And can anyone recommend a red lipstick that will stay red on my rosy lips?


Jael Paris said…
Use a stain instead of a tint.

I'll splurge for a rich color, but my makeup splurge is buying Loreal instead of Covergirl.
Unknown said…
I save on'd be surprised how great the quality of cheaper lipsticks are. My absolute favorite are the Maybelline Extreme Moisture lipsticks. They have spf 15, and go on so incredibly smooth it just feels amazing on my lips. It's so moisturizing I don't even need a chapstick.
Azigay said…
Use a lip liner first (not just to line but also to fill) then go over it with the lipstick. It should work better.
Jael Paris said…
Stain instead of a wax. Clarification is good!
Vicki said…
I agree -- stain, then gloss! I like the new ones CG just came out with. Lasted me all night in Toronto, and you know THAT'S saying something.
kylsie said…
I have a bad habit of buying one that looks awesome, getting home and finding it doesn't work. So I usually buy three or four at a time. A save is kind of necessary.
Bronwyn said…
i just spent 40 dollars on two tubes of revlon lipstick. that was WAY more than i wanted to pay but the colours were awesome!! the original revlon red is the redest lipstick i've found in ages.

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