The Salon Experience

When I was ten years old, I decided I wanted a perm. This was, of course, a mistake. In fact, I already had curly hair; it was an unkempt fuzz ball, but defrizzer would have been a better option than a perm. The elderly beautician said nothing to me about this, and happily permed my hair like so many of her elderly clients.

Results were tragic.

Ever since, I've cut my own hair with help from my mom (who cuts her own hair). Once I figured out the curls, that wasn't too hard. But with a sleek bob, maintenance became a pain. When I started contemplating a pixie do, I found myself willing to risk another trip to the salon.

I scoped out a few salons and decided on a local Aveda salon with sleek, modern decor, stylists under 30 and a wider clientele than the bingo set. For $32 they cut my hair, gave me a massage and did my makeup. Not bad.I'd come prepared with a picture of Agyness Deyn, who has roughly the same face shape as me, and told them I wanted that exactly (but not blonde. Oh no.). My stylist, who looked like a fully tattooed rockabilly pinup, got bonus points for knowing who the picture was of. She was excited and mentioned she was tired of doing the same five hair cuts. (Turns out, people really do take pictures of Kate Gosselin to the salon. Everyone wants a shutter of hair.) She was meticulous, and did a fantastic job.

I actually have pictures up on our Facebook. Check them out soon, because those suckers are coming down Sunday.


Iva Messy said…
I am sure you look fabulous!
kylsie said…
My hairstylist always comments on how jazzed he is to be doing something different too. Then he gets into this "I show my art through your hair" crap and I kind of tune out. $32 for all that is a great deal. I pay $40 for the cut alone. My dude is really tempting me with interesting color... but the price. Yeesh, the price.

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