London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Luella
What it made us think of: The clothes Audrey Hepburn's character in Paris When It Sizzles might wear. Luella may have toned down a lot of the wild prints and piled on bows, buttons and accessories, but she didn't loose any of the girliness.
What we liked: The girly dresses, fun prints (polka dots!) and cheery colors
What we didn't: A few pieces seemed a little boxy on the models so I'm not sure how they will look on anyone larger.

Who: Paul Smith Woman
What it made us think of: Clothes for the man who doesn't shy away from color and dresses his girlfriend might wear. (Except it's all women's wear)
What we liked: The suits and tailored looks
What we didn't: The super mixed print, draped dresses--some of which looked overdone.

Who: Erdem
What it made us think of: A garden party you can wear.
What we liked: The pretty girly prints and lace.
What we didn't: Some of the all-over florals were a little overwhelming, but still pretty.
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