London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Graeme Black
What it made us think of: Shopping for silk in a bazaar
What we liked: Burgundy satin peaking out from khaki, bright shoes,
What we didn't: That some fashion writers have dumped on Black for seasons.
Who: Danielle Scutt
What it made us think of: All the Whos down in Whoville dropping acid
What we liked: Giant scarves, layers of clashing patterns, the "piano keys" skirt, the pannier overskirt
What we didn't: Very short skirts, tops begging for a nip slip
Who: Vivienne Westwood Red Label
What it made us think of: South American poets of the early twentieth century
What we liked: Fun with mens dress shirts, the shoes, 40s jackets,
What we didn't: Short shorts

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