The Horror: Geek Couture

This cuff bracelet looks like something that you'd find in a catalog that also sells crappy fantasy swords, Morpheus sunglasses, and books about faeries (not fairies). I couldn't figure out which geek type would buy this and what the thought process would be. Are they LARPers? Do they speak Elvish? Is it what you wear to a WOW themed wedding? So I asked my geek friends and Kylsie had this to say:

My little sister works at the local Renaissance festival. Driving her back and forth all summer, coupled with my pre-existing fascination with all things medieval, led to me spending the majority of my weekends there.

Something I noticed pretty early about the faire is that everything looks different in its context. At the faire, the computer technician at your office with the ponytail and rock t-shirts suddenly makes sense. In fact, he’s kind of hot in his pirate costume. The same magical effect seems to happen to clothes and jewelry. I’ve purchased many things at the faire thinking, “I could totally pull this off at the office.” They’re now sitting at the bottom of my jewelry box (I think), quirky and forgotten. This bracelet, available at Brown’s in London for a wince-worthy 190 GBP ($400ish) would fit in nicely with my moon-and-star earrings and bellydancer waist sash. It’s not financially accessible to the “Renny” crowd, and it’s a little too Dungeons and Dragons for someone willing to plunk down cash for an eye-catching, dramatic bracelet. I think it misses the mark, but have a hunch my sister, the part-time jester, would love it.


Vicki said…
The reason I just couldn't come up with anything witty to say about this bracelet is that... I ALMOST like it. If it was JUST dragonflies, I'd buy it in an instant and wear it with any of my black, blue/purple, or brown fall/winter items (it's too heavy for summer). But the skulls ruin it for me. I'm not really a skulls kind of person, unless it's Halloween. If they made this with just dragonflies... and at a RATIONAL, SANE price... I'd buy it and wear it often.
Jael Paris said…
Just dragon flies and it would have been understandably Art Nouveau.
Jorie said…
I have to be honest. This is one of my favorite cuffs. Ever.

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