The Horror: Delusional

I vaguely understand the high prices of some designer goods. For example, Bottega Veneta, a house that started in leathers, makes supple bags out of high-grade, woven leather. These bags are also around $2000. Considering the quality of the materials, processing and construction, it makes some sense. (I don't understand why people buy $2000 handbags, but I understand how one could be priced that way.)

Even so, designers start to drink their own Kool Aide after a while. Bottega Veneta, flush with the success of purses equal to three month's rent, decided their plastic hair comb was very special indeed. It's $560 of special. Perhaps if it were carved of onyx and set with diamonds instead of merely being molded acetate with silver trim cast in the shape of gems. Made with those materials, I'd say you could splurge a whole $30 for such a thing if you had a special occasion.


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