Gin and Charlston

Since the response to my post of romantic fashion spreads was overwhelmingly positive. I thought I'd dig around for pictures of and inspired by one of my favorite eras: the 1920s. I have too much hip for the column dresses, but I love cloches, cocoon coats, bobs, t-strap shoes, fringe, and long necklaces. Some of these photos are from magazines (I be happy if you could tell me which ones!) and some are from the Jazz Age. Click for larger images.

Coco Chanel kicked off most of these trends, especially relaxed sportswear. The dresses Lily Donaldson is modeling were made by Coco herself.
Coco ChanelLouise Brooks: It girl. Sadly, I couldn't pull off her iconic hair.
Poiret was the premier designer of the time. He threw out corsets, but made hobble skirts all the rage. He was fascinated with the East, and you can thank him for introducing harem pants -- the first pants that were acceptable for a woman to wear -- to the Western world of fashion.Flappers in the day. (Who expected boots?) I love how even the "casual sport" looks had great details and lux fabrics.Helen Mirren in Vanity FairFlappers at night. Elaborate, comfortable everything!

Image sources: Paris Je T'aime by Steven Meisel,


rachel said…
drool. How is it that I have so many hats, and yet, they are never enough?
Cool post! I loved looking at all the photos of this vintage fashion.
Love all the photos, but yes, those boots were an unexpected surprise!
Anonymous said…
Amazing post! I've only just come across your blog and I'm addicted already! Bizarrely, I have just become obsessed with 1920s fashion (as well as Victorian and Edwardian styles), so this was truly inspirational. I love the picture of the harem pants. I'm desperate to get a pair of silk 'beach pyjamas' from somewhere - thought they might be having a bit of a comeback (like the harems) - not much luck so far. Any advice?

Keep up the great work!

Clare B x

(PS: As a Brit I'm so jealous of your thrift stores! $3 for 6 skirts is amazing.)

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