Dress Like It's 1964

Hello. I'm from the 1960s. I listen to the Beatles, even though my dad thinks they're "noisy rubbish." I'm mad at him currently. He won't let me apply at M.I.T. next year because "women don't need college." But I'm smart and want to be a part of our nation's exciting space program. Maybe I could be the first woman on the moon!

Why thank you! I also love my beehive and cateye glasses. They're all the rage. Oh, the contrast trim tweed dress? I got it at a store called Urban Outfitter for $68. Urban Outfitters isn't around yet. I traveled to the future to get a dress that looked retro just to show Dad I could. He's still not impressed.


rachel said…
Fantastic post. Also, a very cute dress. Makes me wish we had an urban outfitters here, though if we did, I would probably be more inclined to buy one of their amazing hats.

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