What To Wear With...

My friend, Lori, recently purchased these tie oxfords by Miss Me. She thinks they'll go with lots of things, but when her family expressed doubt, her mind went blank. To help her out, I've put together a handful of looks for her new shoes.

Lori's nickname is Cheshire Cat, so one of my styles uses an animal print and two pieces of feline jewelry. Kitty loves her jewelry.
For casual evenings hanging out with friends, I'd recommend skinny jeans (which Lori can actually wear) and a simple top with a dramatic back. Add some bold eye makeup for a little more polish. (That's not pink, Lori, I swear. It's just a strange variant of red.)
Lori's not really into skirts, but she'd look great in a pencil skirt. The smart cut of the jacket makes this a sharp business look. (Milla approves of this, Lori. You should listen to Milla.)
For a hot date, Lori said she'd love this snake print strapless dress. The shoes help tone down the sex appeal while a zip detail clutch gives the look even more edge. Go high glam with the makeup.


Cheshire Cat said…
Those are all pretty awesome.. I love the jewelry especially! Thanks!!
Iva Messy said…
so pretty! Have a great weekend!
rachel said…
I could see Lori wearing all of these. Awesome job capturing her style!!
Anonymous said…
i LOVE those shoes! where'd she get them?

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