Vintage Jewelry Boxes

This post is usually about vintage clothes, but allow me to veer a bit off course this week to talk about vintage jewelry boxes. Jewelry boxes are old in concept but not as a common item. After all, it wasn't until after the Industrial Revolution and Coco Chanel's popularization of costume jewelry that woman at large had more than one piece of jewelry. Now we go through stages of boxes. When we were little girls, our box played music while a ballerina twirled on top. As we grew older, we'd run to Claire's for glitter-covered earring trees and boxes that could be covered in photos of our besties. As adults who've grown weary of sorting through a tangle of chains, we've all spent a little on "a good jewelry box." With all those stages happening for the last fifty years or so, Etsy is flooded with fun (and affordable) vintage jewelry boxes.
white dresser style box, Molehill Treasures $8
green cloisonne enamel box, Tandem Studios $48
brass trimmed musical wooden box, Serenity Mosaic $29.99
wooden three barrel box, Sassy Doggs $49
wooden box with curdoroy lining, Adelaide Homesewn $16
pewter box with rose petal lid, Moxie Mittens $11


WickedThrifty said…
what a great post! i have only one now that my fiance finished and lined in velvet for me... but it's a bit too small! *off to etsy*
Great Post, put together nicely. Thansk for adding my jewelry box.

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