Swimwear for the Retro Bathing Beauty

It appears to be retro swimwear day at FMF. Check out this great bathing suit Jael Paris posted about earlier today.

A reader named Lauren emailed us last week saying she liked the blog (thanks!) and told us about her friend's vintage-inspired swimwear line, Zelda Sweetwater. These are some of the most stunning and well-crafted retro suits I've seen. The attention to detail makes these suits look like real designer vintage finds that have never been worn. They are also made to show off a woman's classic curves!

Each style is stunning and unique. There is even a ruffle bikini and a romper style suit! I want each and every suit. The prices are in the $200 range, but the style and craftsmanship are well worth the money.

Thanks for the tip Lauren! Do you know of something we'd think is fabulous? Please leave us a comment or email us at editor[at]gmail[dot]com.

Pictured: Jane Suit $226


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