Save or Splurge: Shave Gel

Shave gel is one of those products I've occasionally decided I don't actually need to purchase. After all, soap or body wash can be substituted for OK-ish results. However, my skin has become more sensitive with time and I've seen the need for shave gel. I've tried a few different brands (whatever was on sale was usually what I purchased) and they all seemed about the same--until recently.

When visiting my mom last, I used her new Skintimate Skin Therapy Lotionized Shave Gel for sensitive skin. Not only did it provide a nice shave, but it also wasn't kidding about being "lotionized." I didn't need to put lotion on my legs after shaving. This stuff was amazing.

It seems to run about 30 to 50 cents more than the other shave gels (and it's quite a bit more expensive if you're been using cheap men's shaving cream or no shave gel at all). While a few cents might now seem like much of a splurge, it's a splurge I've never made. However, when I ran out of shave gel yesterday, I excitedly headed to Target to purchase this amazing lotionized gel. (Although, it's on sale right now so I wasn't even tempted by the cheaper stuff).

Do you save or splurge on shave gel? Or is 50 cents so insignificant that you don't even consider it an issue?


Annie said…
For shaving my legs, I use the cheapest hair conditioner I can find. It doesn't dry out my skin, and it softens the hair. Plus, it's like $1 for a bottle.
Kyrie said…
i usually save the remnants of my old shampoo and use it for my legs. or old conditioner. its a good way of finishing off a product, and not having to waste money and buying shave cream.
FaithJ said…
I used to go cheap, using men's shaving cream. Now I use Skintimate, I don't mind spending the extra money, and it lathers so well and is sooo smooth going on!
Angeline said…
It is important to use Shave gels or oils or creams to keep the integrity of the skin intact. This will also prevent skin irritation after shaving. If you don't want to apply these things, then you may opt to undergo laser hair removal treatment to remove those unwanted hairs permanently.
Maxene T. said…
This product is very impressive! I have read about it in several velvet effect lasers reviews. It's a great buy since you don't have to invest in after-shave lotions anymore.

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