Black Halo at F21?

One of these things is not like the other.Magazines are frequently full of requests to know what Amanda/Gabby/Charlotte wore on Ugly Betty/ Desperate Housewives/ Sex and the City, and the answer is Black Halo. Black Halo is one of those brands that is so classic and so well cut, people sit up and take notice. But the key is the cut. A dress that hugs the curves and looks tailored to your body without being too sexy is not that easy an item to make. So imagine my surprise when Forever 21 tried to make a version of the keyhole ruffle dress I thought so perfect for becca. I just looked at the knockoff (because when you're talking about a $300+ dress, any cheap version is worth consideration), and it just doesn't curve. The website clearly used gobs of pins to give it shape, as there is no way it would work on a hippy girl like me. For me, this is a case where you wait for a sale and splurge on a killer dress. What would you do?


When you have a lot of ins and outs to your body shape, as I do as well, and you don't make your own clothes, it's often worth it to get a well made garment over a cheaply made one. In the end you'll be much happier with the well made one and will wear it more, making the cost per wear come out to about the same for both pieces.


Audi said…
You can also buy the cheaper version and have it altered -- for about $20 I'll bet you could end up with a perfect fit and a much more expensive-looking dress.
Jael Paris said…
I don't think I'd wear the F21 version much. The fabric was rather itchy.

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