$150 Challenge: Summer Fling

In spirit, this outfit is about breezy summer love. Those intense camp crushes or between year romances. Dates that involve nothing more than laying on a blanket eating ice cream and talking about clouds. Boys whose last names you never asked for but who you will remember fondly ten years from now. But it is dedicated to all the Hermione Grangers of the world crying on the stairs.
lace blouse, Forever 21 $17.80
ditsy floral skirt, Forever 21 $18.90
gold ribbon trim ballet flats, Wanted at Jildor $40
blue hobo bag, Target $16.08
floral drop earrings, Forever 21 $4.80
lace headband, Urban Outfitters $24
lip gloss, Sephora's "Beach Ball" $5

This cute summer look costs $126.58.


Iva Messy said…
this is so sweet, I love the blouse from F21. so pretty and romantic.
Fashionista said…
What a sweet outfit..forever 21 is so fab..xoxomish

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