Save or Splurge: Swimsuit Cover Ups

When it comes to swim cover ups I usually just use an old-but-still-cute sundress. Or I might purchase one of those cute little matching cover ups like Target sells if I happen to buy one of the suits that goes with them (on clearance, of course). I save on cover ups.

Now, I know most (all) of you would never splurge for this $920 silk Pucci cover up (pictured). That's just absurd. (Anthropologie also has an absurd silk cover up for $169.95 on sale). I just don't see a need to spend money on something I'm going to leave by the pool and later pull on over a suit that is covered in water and chlorine. I can't see investing more than $20 on a cover up, ever. Even that might be pushing it for me.

Are cover ups a save or splurge for you?


WickedThrifty said…
well, nothing is really a splurge for ME, but i've been using the same denim mini as a coverup for years... i did pick up this crazy towel-dress thing on clearance a few years back that i like, too... i'm considering spending $50 on a suit which is astronomical to me so yeah, not so much with the $900 cover-up ;)
Anonymous said…
I just wear regular clothes. I don't have anything I use specifically for a cover up only.

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