Pretty Dirty

It was a about 4 in the morning, I'd been at work three hours, was covered in a new skin of sweat and dirt, and I thought "How do women in such situations stay feeling pretty?" Some of my friends say it's all about keeping the girly underwear. I once heard some female soldiers state the importance of toe nail polish. Both ideas carry the idea of secret femininity. Personally, I'm rocking cute headbands and fun earrings. Everyone can just stare at the pink polka dot scarf in my hair, so *pbttt*.

peanut butter and jelly studs, Fred Flare $10
graphic headband, Mod Cloth $5.99

How do you deal with staying girly with dirty jobs or strict dress codes?


Anonymous said…
I love that headband! It is fabulous. You should buy it and take a picture of you with it! I'd love to see it on :)

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