Love or Loathe: Sandal Boot

That I just titled this "sandal boot" should mean I hate Pour La Victoire's "Camille" flat. That it is essentially a tongueless, toeless, leather high top should also trigger my gag reflex, yet I think they'd be perfect for making an otherwise sweet or classy outfit have a little edge. Can you picture how fabulous they'd be with colored tights in the fall? For me, they are so wrong they swing 'round back to fabulous. You? Would the black or brown version make you feel differently?


Feline Fairy said…
|Oh My God, I love that boot!!
I think they're absolutely hideous and totally unflattering! I really hope the roman sandal/boot phase passes soon.
WickedThrifty said…
loathe. with a fiery passion. and frankly i highly doubt that a stockinged foot sticking out the end would make it any better ;) no offense of course... to each their own :D
becca said…
On a small foot, they might be able to work, but the boot looks really long so I doubt it would work on a large foot like mine.

But at nearly $200, a sorta-maybe-could-work shoe isn't good enough.
rachel said…
Loathe. And here's why. Most shoes for advertisements are the smallest size, because the smallest size is the cutest. Therefore, if we assume that the shoe pictured is a size 6 or less, and yet has the appearance of being at least a 9, just imagine how long it would make the average 8.5 woman's foot look? By the time it would fit becca or me, our poor feet would look like a size 15-16 boats. *shudder*

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