Save or Splurge: Beaded Statement Necklace

I love a statement necklace. The bigger the statement, the better the necklace. This beaded statement necklace from Nordstrom costs $57.90, which actually isn't that too bad for a statement piece.

Also, this statement piece is bold, but has a versitility many bold necklaces lack. This could be dressed way up and way down. I can see this with a fancy dress or with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a cool sweetheart neckline. It's eye-catching and versatile, which makes it worth a splurge.

On the other hand, it's just costume jewelry. It's unique, but if you were really determined you could probably find something similar for less if you didn't mind cutting back on the boldness a bit. Sure, you can picture it with a bunch of looks, but you could have several, less expensive necklaces from Forever 21 or Target for this price.

Would you save or splurge?


Jael Paris said…
Good costume will not tarnish. If you don't wear your F21 necklace for a while, it can get funky.

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